Emulator IssuesEdit


No Issue Remark Issue Type
1 Button 'SELECT' and 'Y' is mapped at RECTANGLE button Rendering some game inplayable because of the uses of SELECT key is diminish. If RECT button is press, it will use Y button. General
2 Sound problem. Sound become slowed when rendering heavy scene like playing game that involving a lot of processor usage. General
3 Shift button (L R button) not working. This is not happen to all device and this issue is possibly related to firmware. Obsolete


No Issue Remark Issue Type
1 Some firmware are reported having un-working in-game save function.[1] Different from save state. Obsolete
2 ROM that start with Gameboy logo (rainbow colored) flying have issue of not being able to play at all. The logo keep repeating itself. Obsolete
3 Some ROM are totally unplayable[2] Doom General
4 Frame rate (FPS) keep changing from low to high alternately during play. Performance issue General
5 Emulator freeze after some play[3] Very obsolete
  • Issue type mean how the issue apply to whether to all devices (General) or only have some reported case (obsolete). Obsolete issue does not necessarily mean it is rare.