Firmware download usually comes with ISP tools inside it.

SPMP8000 firmware downloadEdit

This firmware list is not exactly referring to PSPKOX only. Some other device who use SPMP8000 chip also use similar firmware such as JXD player and PXP 2000[1] player.

Firmware Download ListEdit

Name Description Download Remark
7010-8023 Classic firmware Megaupload MP4Nation
8015-8607 Normal firmware. Used in most player.


8015A, 8607A, 8607B and 8607c Megaupload
70xx-8017 Megaupload
8015a-090504 2Shared SOFT.IMG only
SK8015A_30W3_noFM_noAV_LCD0 Specific firmware for 8015a device. Megaupload [2] IMG and ISP tools v2.1
IMG802B_4[1].3_090918 spmp configuration tool and firmware for H802-v7090803 Megaupload


PXP 2000 Firmware PXP 2000 Contain firmware for JXD PXP2000, Boot v3.3, FRM PRO 3.3, FRM, LIBUSB installer and sUNpack Tools. Rapidshare [4]
Letcool N350JP Firmware Contain SOFT.IMG and boot.img Localhostr [5]


8000_MMI.RAP is the actual OS (which is eCOS variant) in the SOFT.IMG. It is located inside "/image" folder insde SOFT.IMG. Issues like unworking firmware (blank screen when booted), shifted screen, feature such as camera or shoulder button not functioning, can be solved just by replacing this file with other 8000_MMI.RAP file. There is actual case where is method is working[6] .


This file is usually comes with ISP tools. This file contain the boot information before the system start loading the OS.

Version Download Remark
BOOT_V16 Download 181KB
BOOT_V17 Download 548KB
BOOT_V33 Download 554KB

Other Firmware DownloadEdit

Name Description Download Remark
B666_20091105 Firmware of Bmorn player. Also use similar OS and boot system. Benss
Sunplus General Firmware (?) SPMP305X firmware. Slightly different system files. This is for SPMP305X and not SPMP8000.
Collection of JXD player firmware. JXD player use Sunplus based chip and they also use similar system. Uushare This is user page. This user have uploaded many JXD firmware. Translate using google.