Development by OpenschemesEdit

Openschemes is the a group of people doing many hacking works on devices to improve usability and using the most potential out of devices[1] .

In SPMP8000 development, they are the one who is considered as people who start the SPMP8000 scene.


This tool is for dumping firmware (in other words, copy into your computer) for SPMP8000 devices. This tool need to be used with LIBUSB driver. Version 1.2 fix a bug that showing process is complete even though error is occur in the background, resulting in confusing user. LIBUSB is included with version 1.2 archieve. Read FRMorp Tutorial on how to use FRMorp.



Sprdump will extract your firmware image into folder, the same way sUNpack does[2] . This tools supposely is created by other guy but people at have permission from the owner to release it. Only the source code is released in the website.

Other hacking on SPMP8000Edit

They also commit many other good hacking deeds attempt on spmp8000 devices on hardware side and pointing out the serial pin out[3] [4] .

Development by AleMaxxEdit

AleMaxx is active at mp4nation modding forum[5] . He is among the earliest people who start working on porting games into SPMP8000-based system.

Doom PortEdit

thumb|right|300px|DOOM port demo captured by omgmog As of writing, the Doom port is very much working only without sound[6]. Currently only shareware episode is supported. Shareware WAD file is required to play. This port is believe to be able to act as base for other similar game port such as Hexen, Heretic and Quake.

Doom port download:

Quake PortEdit

As of writing, Quake port is unplayable.It's play demo but exit on 'new game'.

Quake port download:

Keydemo and othersEdit

For other developer who want to start making, AleMaxx suggested that they start modifying keydemo source which can be act as based for their program. Keydemo use libgame contrast to rgbgame which don't use libgame.

Testing.bin is a simple program that allow testing of keypad (to detect the bit changing) and a timer.

Testing.bin download:

Spmpdev sourceEdit


Getting started short guideEdit

AleMaxx put up a getting started guide when developer at dingoonity start interested in developing for spmp8000 devices when Letcool appear.[dot]de/spmp8000/sp8hc.html (couldn't be turn into link because of stupid spam filter)

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Libspmp8k Google CodeEdit

This is library for SPMP8000 PMP supposely created by with AleMaxx.

Go to site:

First Attempt of Linux PortEdit

AleMaxx made the first known attempt to port Linux into SPMP8000 but state that the attempt hindered by 'bails out somewhere in "start_kernel()" (init/main.c)'.[7]

More info in the 'README.txt' in the archive file.[dot]de/spmp8000/sp8lin.tar.bz2 (couldn't be turn into link because of stupid spam filter)

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Development by GordgelinEdit

Gordgelin is active at mp4nation modding section forum[8].

sUNpack Tools 2010Edit

sUNpack allow user to extract firmware image into folder and files, which allows possibility of modifying its contents[9] . Current version of sUNpack allow user to replace files with the same size and extracting the firmware into folder. Gordgelin promise in the next version to add ability to packing folder into firmware, which is only possible using FRM Pro advance tab but some people reported that the advance tab turn out blank for them[10] .

Download version 1.1.: sUNpack Tools 2010 version 1.1

Other Usefuls for DevelopmentEdit

paklids's ARM Toolchain Builder for libspmp8kEdit

This is automation for building toolchain for SPMP8000 developer.

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